Cooked To Perfection: Freshly Prepared Goodies

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In addition to being a recreational cooking school, we also provide homemade savory foods and baked goods. Although we try to have everything our customers want since we cook and bake fresh daily, some items sell out and will not be available until the following week.

Customers can always place an order and we will have the item available or order for the following week. We prefer that you order by calling us at 516 812 6551.

The following items are usually available daily.

Soups: Chicken vegetable, butternut squash, split pea, broccoli cheddar, cream of chicken, onion – Quarts are $9.00, and Pints are $5.00

Italian Wedding soup is $10 a quart.

Soups can vary day to day.

Usually Available Tuesday and Wednesday

Macaroni and Cheese (enough for two people.)     $7.00

Macaroni & Cheese with bacon (enough for two people)    $9.00

Chili (enough for two people)      12.00

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Chicken Pot Pie (enough for two people)    $12.00

Shepherd’s Pie (enough for two people)    $12.00

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna      $14.00

Baked Goods

Cream Puffs $21.00 for a dozen. Minimum is one dozen.   Special Order Only.     Please give us 48 hours advance notice.

Crumb Cake $9 each  (approximately 30 ounces)

Banana Bread – $6.00

Irish Soda Bread $7.00

Zucchini Bread – $6.00

Brownies – $2.75 Each

Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting – $9.00

Apple Turnovers – $2.50

Chocolate Chip Cookie – $2.50

Oatmeal Cookie – $2.50 each.

Whoopie Pie – $4.00

Linzer Tarts – $3.25 each,

single loaf of bread
Hand made right here at 49 Main Street, our Canolli & Pasta Ciotto.  We will need 48 hours in advance for this as well. Pastaciotti with orange